Xanging music

Xanging music CD

Music made only with bells from Tibet, Nepal, Israel, China, and Turkey.

This records are the result of a sound investigation about the mistery oriental bells.

! All those sounds you can listen to in this site are NOT electronic, but exclusively hand made !

The original record is only one track, but has been divided to eight tracks for your convenience.

Download 01 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 5.9MB)
Download 02 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 3.5MB)
Download 03 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 7.6MB)
Download 04 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 8.3MB)
Download 05 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 6.9MB)
Download 06 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 5.6MB)
Download 07 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 8.5MB)
Download 08 Track - Xanging -M.T.T (mp3, 16.2MB)

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Legal Note:
The Copyright of this work has been registered in SGAE - Barcelona - Spain.

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